As everyone knows, teddies are shy and unassuming. They are only happy when
they have someone to love and someone who loves them in return. They thrive
on cuddles, rides in the car and being carried around with you wherever you
go. If you are brave enough to take them out into the world with you, then their little hearts are brimming over with joy. Oh! and I almost forgot to mention,
they enjoy a jar or three of honey every now and again too!


Guardian Angel Beezer!

And if ever we ever needed proof that teddies can give the bestest love of all when it's wanted most (which of course we don't) here's Beezer snuggling in to our little Snowshoe kitten Monty who has been playing since he woke early this morning - now he's just plumb tuckered out and needs a reassuring cuddle while he sleeps!

Mr Munch









Three best mates from Canterbury Bears


Wondering if there's a chance of a spot of fishin'










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