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Leo and Josh love all the Captain Pugwash stories but they have a special favourite that they must have read to them at bedtime...here is that very same story for your young family members to enjoy.....


This Captain Pugwash story will hopefully inspire parents and/or family members of young visitors to this site to add Captain Pugwash books (along with other traditional childhood stories) to their Birthday and Christmas present lists..there are lots of them to enjoy.

In an old Spanish fort on Cactus Island in the Caribbean Sea, Cut-Throat Jake was having a party. It was evening and he and his ugly crew had brought from their ship a great hoard of treasure to bury in the ruins next day. They ate and drank from the golden plates and goblets and sang and danced and told terrible jokes to each other. They thought of course that nobody knew that they were there.

They would not have been so happy had they known that close by, with his ship the Black Pig, hidden behind high rocks, was captain Pugwash.

And they would have been even less happy to see, moving in the shallow water near the ship, clear against the setting sun, a most odd looking sea monster.

Close up it looked odder still!

"Sea Monster, heave Ho !" came a voice from inside the head.

Then as the strange creature came to a halt, the head, the hump and the tail lifted up, and there underneath, were Captain Pugwash, the Mate, Barnabas and Willy.

"Splendid me Hearties!" cried the Captain. "Provided we keep within our depth we cannot fail. Now we can proceed with my plan.

That night, the pirates held a council of war.

"Now listen very carefully, " said the Captain.

"Cut-throat Jake is camped in the old Spanish fort with the greatest hoard of treasure in history. We know he is there, but he thinks we are thousands of miles away. Ho-ho-He's got a nasty surprise coming to him."

"For at dawn tomorrow, when the tide is low and the water shallow, we shall don our monstrous disguise and advance upon the island. There will be no fighting of course, oh no, nothing as dangerous as that. The very sight of us will terrify Jake and his crew. They'll abandon the treasure, flee to their ship and we, me hearties, we shall all be as rich as Kings!"

The pirates were all very exited when they heard the Captains plan. Only Tom the Cabin-boy didn't seem quite happy about it.

But Pugwash said. "Don't interrupt, Tom, when your elders and betters are speaking. This is my idea and a very clever one, too. We can get along quite well without you, You can stay behind and cook the dinner and mind the ship !"

At first light next day the Captain and his men gathered in the shallow water beside the Black Pig and got ready for the great assault.

Pugwash put on the monster's head. The Mate and Barnabus were in the hump, and Willy wore the tail.

High up in the ruins of the old fort, Cut-Throat Jake and his men slept among the cactus plants and the treasure. They were all tired out after a heavy night's eating and drinking and their snores were horrible to hear. Even the lookout was dozing at his post until...

"Cap'n Jake ! Cap'n Jake ! he yelled. "There's a m-monstrous m-monster down here. It's coming ashore ! It'll eat us alive
In an instant Jake was awake and beside the sentry, swearing terribly. He hated being woken up in the morning.
But when he saw what the sentry saw "Creeping catfish," he roared. "Run for it ! Back to the ship all of ye ! Run for your lives !"
And a moment later, all treasure forgotten, Jake and his crew were dashing in terror from the fort to find their dinghy....
While on the other side of the island the 'monster' was arriving, bit by bit on the shore.

"Its worked ! My cunning plan has worked !" cried Pugwash. "See ! They've gone. They're rowing back to the ship Hah-Hah ! What a crafty capable Captain I am !"

"And - lolloping landlubbers, look at the loot ! There's enough booty there to bury a brontosaurus !"
"Very remarkabubble, Cap'n," said the mate, "but er Cap'n, what about Willy ?"
"What do you mean, 'What about Willy' ?" retorted the Captain crossly. "Where is he ?"
"Look ! He's down there," cried Barnabas. "He's still in his tail !"

Poor Willy really was in trouble. He was stuck in his tail, he couldn't see where he was going, and the more the Captain shouted at him the more muddled he became.
In the mean time, frightened and weary, Jake and his men had reached their own ship.

Up on deck, Jake looked through his telescope and saw first, all by itself, the monsters tail and then...

"Curses," he roared, "it's Pugwash ! We've been tricked ! Man the cannon ! We'll blast them off the face of the island, then go back for the treasure !"
But while Jake and his pirates were getting ready to fire, it happened that, attracted by the sight of the mock monster, a real sea monster, huge, hairy and hideous, was approaching the scene, Jake was so thunderstruck when he saw it that he yelled "Foiled again !"
"Up anchor ! Hoist all sail ! Full speed away !", So panic stricken and for the second time that day, his crew rushed to get their ship moving while back on the island, Willy had at last unstuck himself and found his way to the others.
Captain Pugwash was relieved and delighted to see him, and even more delighted when he saw..Jake's ship under full sail being chased far away by the real sea monster "Tottering turtles ! What a fortunate turn of events !" he exclaimed. "And we'd best be off to the ship, me handsomes, before the creature comes back for its second course!"
"Ar, but what will us use to carry this little lot off in ?" said Barnabas. "Why, me tail, of course ! It will take it nicely," answered Willy. "Besides, I'm fond of it now; Id hate to see it left behind on the island."
So the pirates loaded all the treasure into Willy's tale, and started to carry it down to the shore. It was only when they reached the water that they realised that the water wasn't shallow any more. In fact it was far too deep to walk through.
But luckily Tom had been watching, and very soon he was there with the dinghy, just in time to pick up the floundering pirates before they, and the tail full of treasure, sank.
The Captain boasted loudly as they towed Willy and the treasure back towards the Black Pig.

"Kipper me capstans!" he said. "If that wasn't the cleverest plan ever!"

"Hmm, Yes, " thought Tom. "It was quite a good scheme for once, only I did try to tell him they'd be out of their depth when the tide came up.





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