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Welcome to Paddington Bear's Page!


Sadly, we are no longer allowed to bring you the 1980s Family Circle Paddington Bear Knitting pattern.

A copyright notice has been served to all of us who have been able to offer this much loved knitting pattern.

The pattern was very easy to knit and was representative of a most true likeness to the original bear. The bear that we all know and love from childhood stories.

It's a sad day and a sad reflection of the 'big business' times in which we live, when a 30 year old child's character teddy bear knitting pattern should be taken out of circulation in this way. The pattern was knitted for charity events, for hospital shops to sell as fund raisers for hospital wards, along with countless mums and granmothers lovingly creating the bear for young family members.

The knitting pattern went a long way to keep the cherished memory of the original Paddington Bear alive and well. In fact, it promoted the character and took our British Paddington Teddy all over the world.

It seemed reasonable to explain why this pattern has vanished from circulation.

We are legally entitled to 30 days notice to remove any item infringing copyright but have chosen to act sooner. There seemed little point in waiting.

For anyone still selling this pattern please be aware of the copyright issues that now surround it.

A copy of the email received is shown here for you to read: I have blanked the name of the sender for privacy.


To whom it may concern,

Let me introduce myself. My name is ........ and I work for a company called Surelock ( We assist a client of ours, Paddington and Company Limited (P&Co Ltd), in investigations of intellectual property infringements. Our client is the legal and/or beneficial owner of copyright in images of the well-known children's character "Paddington"/ "Paddington Bear", originally created by Michael Bond. In addition, our client is the proprietor of a suite of internationally registered trademarks for the words "Paddington " / "Paddington Bear" and for various depictions of Paddington Bear.

The Paddington Bear knitting pattern (PDF) listed on your website at:

is not authorised by Paddington and Company Limited (P&Co Ltd) and infringes the P&Co Ltd copyright of the "Family Circle" knitting pattern.

I would appreciate if you would remove this item from your website and other selling/social media websites and stop marketing and selling this item and any others that infringe the intellectual property of P&Co Ltd with immediate effect.

Please could you acknowledge when you have complied with our request?


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