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Just like real life girls, Cabbage Patch girls are born to shop, and what better time to hit those
stores than at Christmas!

DeeDee is the biggest shopaholic in my Cabbage Patch. Here are just a few pics of her hitting
the stores making sure she's got her party frock and that we're all stocked up for the big day!
Pippa keeps a watch on the spending!

Oh Wow! A little nip here and a big tuck there and this will be the perrrrfect
party frock!
Hope Meg's sewing machine is working OK!


Oooo! Must have one of these.......


Oh that blue is sooo you - You look lovely Pippa...

Ah! gift wrap, we'll need plenty of this....


Hey! can't believe what I'm seeing here! MAGIC crackers,Oooo must have some...


And party stuff too.....


Mmmm, yummy! Lots of these please...shall I pick up one or three!

Right! I'm finished supermarket shopping for now. How about decorations for
our Christmas tree? We must need more!


Pretty turtle doves that didn't fly away when little fingers touched them....


Oh! so many Santa's...Which one shall I give oury Christmas wish lists to?
I know - they can have one each!!


Patchwork penguins and cuddly snowmen.....


But let's not forget the real meaning behind it all....



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