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The Little Cabbages Play Doll's House

Mmmm..very nice and detached too!

We'll toss for who cleans the bathroom!

Hey! I think I just saw some Borrowers... over there. behind that big plant pot.

Oooo! Borrowers, lets get the house all nice and homey for them...Maybe they'll move in
and live here with us.

These chairs should be perfect for our Borrower family, and that little table is just too perfect.
Lets go and find something for them to eat and drink..

You'vedrinYou've done a great job there girls! Bet you those Borrowers will move in tonight - when
we are all asleep!

Passing the time indoors!

You say you spent a whole hour painting that picture Bubbles! My, you did do well!


Teacher Ted does a spell check!


Bubbles and her backing singers The Nice Girls!


This quiet game of Ludo looks set to turn noisy !
A dispute is brewing over the number of sixes someone is throwing....
Nurse stands by in case things get out of hand !


Pippa Meets Noddy at Tesco's


Chief D.I.Y. helper for dad!


Little Cabbies At Play Page 1

Little Cabbies At Play Page 3

Little Cabbages At Christmas Time




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