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Little Cabbages Play Trains!

Tom and Tim are investigating the storage area underneath our bungalow.

Boxes of old toys are stored right at the back if they dare go in that far!

Hey look what we found! A train set, come and see..

Kevin helps search through the box..

Plenty of trains and engines for everyone

Can I have this one? Pleeeeeaaaase

Tim! What are you doing wearing my old dungarees?
Well, mine are in the wash, Meg put these on me instead.
Mmm! I don't think she can be quite herself today then!

Tom keeps a watchful eye on little Sandy

Tim! Why are you wearing Lilly's old dungarees?
Oh! no,not you too! Go and ask Meg why she put them on me; she dressed me this morning.

What's with you boys today? Tims wearing Lilly's old dungarees and you're wearing a silly hat!
Hey! watch it! It's not a silly hat...
No? Well it looks pretty silly from this angle ...only teasin' ! .. :)

Little Sandy runs off the rails...

Yeah! well done Sandy, you fixed that all by yourself!

Give us a hand lifting that box Tom please..

OK, but the girls are getting dizzy watching the train go round...

Cor! boys and their toys eh! - good job we girlies aren't like that!



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