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Things to watch out for when buying a pre-loved Jesmar Kid.

Jesmar Kids with freckles usually sell quickest and for higher prices.
Freckles are very easy to fake. Make sure that the Jesmar you are buying from Ebay has the right number of freckles and that the placement on the Kid's face of those of freckles is as they should be. Freckle placement on
the Kids are standardised so it's easy to see whether the Kid has been 'enhanced' - if freckles have been added there is a high chance other alterations or 'body piece swaps' have taken place.

Jesmar Cabbage Patch Kids were made in Spain and intended to help meet the demand for Cabbage Patch Kids in the European market during the height of the CPK craze in the early 1980s.

Jesmar CPKs have always been in demand and fetched higher prices than their cousins which were made in factories in other parts of the world.

A Jesmar Cabbage Patch Kid, generally speaking, is slimmer and slightly taller than the Coleco factories produced. The positioning of the eyes on a Jesmar CPK are a recognisable feature making the doll easy to tell apart from other factory makes.

Another sure sign that the CPK is a genuine Jesmar and not a CPK that has been 'messed' with in order to make it look good and justify a high sale price, is the way that the head is fixed to the cloth body.

A genuine Jesmar CPK will always have a cord fixing head to body and NEVER A PLASTIC TIE . If there is a plastic tie on a Jesmar Cabbage Patch Kid you will know right away that there has been a body or head swap done in order to replace - in most times - a body that has been damaged. Ask to see a picture of the dolls neck area so you can check for yourself what sort of method has been used to secure head to body. If you are happy with the plastic tie, then that's fine providing the seller isn't telling you the doll is in mint condition and the price suits you.

Another tell tale sign that the doll has been made over to be sold is when the cord fixing the head to the body is bright white and clean. It should be an off white shade commensurate with the age of the doll. The knot tying the cord should be small and tight and hidden into the seam. It shouldn't be a bulky affair.

When buying from Ebay the most difficult tell tale sign to detect is the colour of the doll's body fabric. The doll I purchased - and the reason for writing this hopefully helpful piece - had been messed with big time. The body and arms were the same shade of fabric but the legs were a different shade and had obviously come from another doll entirely! It's surprisingly easy to take a Cabbage Patch doll apart. With just basic sewing skills, arms, legs and the main body can be switched to make a complete doll. Even the side tag can be switched. But until you get the doll home it's impossible to know for sure - the are regular sellers on Ebay UK who use these tactics and must have made a considerable amount of money over the years from fooling people. Do watch out and don;t be afraid to make a noise if you are tricked into buying a 'bits and pieces' Jesmar.

Always ask if there is a side tag attached to the body which states 'Made In Spain' with the letter J confirming the factory maker. Get a picture to confirm that the side tag is as it should be and not frayed and messy.

Unless the CPK has short curly loop hair then the hair lengths should be nice and long. The dolls would either originally have had a centre pony, two side pony bunches or pigtails - all of which require long lengths of yarn. Make sure that you see pictures of the back and the side of the CPK's head and not just a picture taken front on. Make sure that the yarn hair is good and long for you to style when you get your Jesmar home.

As time has gone by the Jesmar Cabbage Patch Kid has grown in value and is as desirable, if not more so now than it ever was.

There are dealers on Ebay asking as much as £70 (that's well over $100) plus postage/shipping for a pre-loved doll - that is a lot of money. You may be well advised to skip that and look out for a mint in box Jesmar that will be in it's original condition and give you years of pleasure and enjoyment. There is nothing worse than spending out on a CPK thinking it is mint and then getting it home only to find you have bought a dud as happened to me recently and which prompted me to write up this page.

Being able to sell Jesmar CPK's for big money inveitably means that dealers are always on the look out at Flea markets, car boot sales and other such places for pre-loved Jesmars to clean up and list for sale (mostly on Ebay). Sadly, not all Jesmar Kids sold by the dealers or so called collectors are as wonderful as they appear to be in the auction details. Pictures can be deceiving so when it comes to paying more than a few pounds just keep asking questions and for extra pics to make sure you are happy before buying.

A recent Ebay purchase for a pretty little Jesmar paci girl with appealing blue eyes and freckles turned out to be a bitter disappoinment. The CPK was listed by an experienced UK seller with high feedback numbers. A seller who regularly lists Cabbage Patch Kids (mostly Jesmars) and CPK clothing. I thought I was on to a pretty safe bet to hit that Buy It Now button. I had sold CPKs to this lady many times in the past and thought she was trustworthy.

The picture ,on the auction listing showed the doll with a side pony. Not the original hairstyle but I assumed (oh! never assume!!) that having made sure all was well before listing her that the seller had decided to give this little cutie a 'new look' The doll was listed as Mint Condition.

When the doll arrived I was pleased with her. Gave her a quick check over and put her to one side ready for me to give her a bit more of a make over - my style...

Several days later I sat down ready to get the dolls hair sorted and tidied. The yarn had been scrapped over to one side and I wanted to put the hair back into a centre pony. As soon as that elastic band was removed the sad state of the doll's hair was obvious. It had, at some time or another, been very badly chopped and cut. The yarn is at many different levels with one side of the hair being quite a bit shorter that the other side. So this was most likely the reason that the hair had been pulled over to one side as a side pony. A style never used on these dolls.

I emailed the seller - who told me she had not checked the hair! Not checked the hair? But she felt it was OK to list the doll as mint!! She did agree to refund if I returned the doll but it was at that point that I thought I would add a page and gently advise anyone thinking of buying a pre-loved Jesmar CPK to make sure they get all the photo's they need to satisfy themselves that all is well.

I hope that this will be a useful guideline to anyone thinking of buying a pre-loved Jesmar and save any disappointment when you get your Cabbie home...