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Messing about on the river Tamar on a chilly November morning. Those warm sweaters
are just the thing to keep out the chill..


Enjoying the view


Happiness is - Playing with a cardboard box ..


Happiness is - Warming yourself in front of the fire on a cold winter's night..


Happiness is - bouncing on the cushions on the sofa...


The Horaces declare a state of emergency when they hear on the weather forecast that a storm could
be heading our way. They soon get to work and set up their own little storm centre and get ready
to meet the stormiest of gales head on..emergency food supplies are rushed in - just to be safe!


The next day dawns bright and cheerful and sees Beryl navigating for dad on our drive down to
Cornwall to view an old camper van...Dad wants a new DIY project - but will mumsie agree?


This trip calls for two of the big Horace Bears to keep a watchful eye on the humans.
Meet Victor and Vince..they're going along to check out the 'van' with dad.


Just what dad wanted! It's wonderful... Just what mumsie was dreadin' - it's a rust bucket!


What's it like inside? Can you see?


Now this is more the kind of thing mumsie had in mind!


Very comfy inside and no rust!


The swimming pool is a bit small! Still - s'pose you can't have everything..


We're getting hungry - where's the nearest cake shop? How d'you drive this thing?
Can we go home now?


These new trousers mumsie made for me - do they make my b*m look big?
They is nice and cosy though, so I don't care if they do!!


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