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Horace bears are a WH Smiths shop exclusive, which are sadly now discontinued. They were usually to be found in their stores in the run up to Christmas, but they also appeared just before Valentine's Day and Mother's Day sporting either a flower or heart sweater. These little fellas have quite a following. Oddly enough their greatest fans seem to be among men. Well! Why not? :) There is a Facebook club dedicated to the Horace Bears where proud owners share pics of their bears out and about in the wide world of us humans. The club also welcomes owners of other makes of teddies too. It's a great place to share your love of your favourite cuddle companion.

Here are a few pictures of our Horace bears out and about enjoying life along with a few pics of them causing mayhem round and about the house :)


Doris and Beryl
Beryl is chief cup-cake chef. Nobody can create a cup cake like she can! Loads of creamy icing and mountains
of hundreds and thousands to top them off with. As for Doris, well she can build just about the best sandwiches around.
You name it and Doris can design a doorstep sandwich with it....these Horaces can eat for the Olympics and the girlies
can tuck away just as much as the boys :)


As well as building sandwiches, Doris loves to potter in the garden.
She hates the winter months when it's too cold and damp to spend time tending the plants.


Grenville and Granville
Two very curious teddy bears! They love to be involved with whatever is happening
around and about the place. To go out into the wide world with us is their most
favourite thing...


Victor and Vince - two 18" Horaces. They make sure all the Horace bears that live here keep
safe and don't get into too much mischief..


A brush with the Daleks!


A group hug with Alfie the bunny


Saying 'hello' to Knitty Kitty


A trip to the garden centre and a meeting with Winnie the Pooh
Sadly not a drop of honey in the pot!


There were elephants at the garden centre ..


And giraffes...


And a big, very feirce dragon...


Back home to help dad with some DIY...at least, we think they are helping dad!


First Fireworks Night!


Are they're giving the pumpkin acupuncture therapy?


What's this then?


Wow! Stands back in amazement lol


Exploring dad's workshop!


Raiding mum's purse and getting ready to go Christmas shopping -


What shall we buy?
A drop of the strong stuff for dad..


Jars of yummies for our winter stock cupboard...


One tin of biscuits for mumsie and four more tins for the winter stores ...


Time for some fun before we go home..


What a big toy dog!! - Are we sure it's a toy?


On the hunt for Father Christmas


He's gotta be here somewhere - otherwise where did all the toys come from?


Beryl wants the string of beads from the tree - the lads try to talk her out of it!


Just back away slowly boys and there'll be no trouble!!
Looks like Beryl is gonna have them there beads one way or another...


Beryl gets her beads!! Happy Christmas Beryl..lol



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