Cabbage Patch Treasures

When rescue kids arrive they are usually feeling a little 'off colour' Perhaps they have been stored away for a long time, left alone in a dark place, maybe they weren't too happy in their last home because they were no longer wanted, well, there are lots of reason why.

After a warm bath and change of clothes and with the help of a spoonful of special Dolly Potion they are soon back to full strength, looking forward to some exciting times ahead.

The kids live in the Cabbie nursery, it's their own special room and they love it. They have soft, cosy beds, cupboards for their toys and one very special cupboard thats really a larder..they keep all their midnight snack food in that one!!

Built into the loft space, the nursery has low, sloping ceilings that reach almost to the floor in some places; making tiny little spaces that are much too small for you or me, but they're just perfect for the kids - wonderful for playing hide and seek!

The pages indexed here are for our younger visitors. Grown-up's are welcome but only if you are in a 'young at heart' frame of mind!
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